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Despite the age of augmented reality – dating back to when 3D technology was first developed – the technology is still in its early stages. As such, the economic potential of the technology and its impact on consumers has not been fully investigated.

A report, which is titled “Augmented Reality: Envision a More Intelligent World,” predicts that the revenue generated by augmented reality technology will reach $600 billion by 2016. The report notes that use of augmented reality is growing quickly amongst companies and consumers alike. Both have shown interest in augmented reality and its capabilities in generating interactive digital content. The report suggests that augmented reality holds more promise than other interactive technologies, such as QR codes and NFC, because it can be used for more than just marketing.

As high-end mobile devices become more common, augmented reality is expected to play a bigger role amongst consumers. A prediction states that more than 864 million mobile devices will be equipped with augmented reality technology by 2014. Also, more than 103 million vehicles will include some form of augmented reality system by 2020. Augmented reality developers stand to see a great deal of benefit from the increased popularity surrounding the technology.

Augmented reality is currently experiencing a great deal of success in the mobile space, where it is being used in a wide variety of applications. These apps have exposed consumers to augmented reality and its capabilities. As the technology matures further, its uses are likely to expand into more practical territory. The technology’s transition away from novelty is expected to gain momentum as more companies begin utilizing it.

(Ref: Semico's Report)

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DuAds on-the-Fly

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What we do?

We provide a platform for creative advertainment using Augmented Reality technology.

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Why AR for you?

Augmented Reality can be used in almost any domain to overlay graphics on camera view in real-time.

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Why DuMedia?

Our patents are taking AR and brand entertainment to a completely new level.

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$600 Billion Industry

Projected to be worth $600 Billion, DuMedia is taking AR to the $1.8 Trillion entertainment industry.

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DuBrand Campaigns

A hot new $25 billion industry. A dream come true for brand owners, ad agencies, and above all – consumers