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“Brands are looking for ad agencies that have experience pulling off things that haven't been done before."

-  Inc.com

Beating the hell out of innovation
Turning Brand Entertainment on its head
Making heroes of your customers

We are doing things never even imagined before.

If you are a brand owner or an ad agency that endeavors turf that no one has treaded before, you are at the right place.
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DuAds on-the-Fly

If an ad is 30 sec, that’s what it takes to produce it - 30 sec flat.
Another revolution?

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What we do?

We provide a platform for creative advertainment using Augmented Reality technology.

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Why AR for you?

Augmented Reality can be used in almost any domain to overlay graphics on camera view in real-time.

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Why DuMedia?

Our patents are taking AR and brand entertainment to a completely new level.

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$600 Billion Industry

Projected to be worth $600 Billion, DuMedia is taking AR to the $1.8 Trillion entertainment industry.

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DuBrand Campaigns

A hot new $25 billion industry. A dream come true for brand owners, ad agencies, and above all – consumers

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