ARK 50/ 60 (Private Augmented Reality Kiosk)

Augmented reality Kiosk

DuMedia has developed and designed private kiosks that can be easily and economically set up in open spaces in public places with high footfall such as malls, trades shows, conventions, so on and so forth. Any common person can just step into one of these Private ARKs to avail an exotic experience and become a protagonist of his / her own Hollywood style video. No need to be a Schwarzenegger or a Tom Cruise anymore to become part of an out-of-the-world special effects experience. Hollywood spends millions of dollars in creating these special effects, DuMedia brings the same excitement and fun for a small change.
DuMedia Private ARKs come in two versions:     - ARK 50     - ARK 60    

Augmented reality Kiosk Augmented reality Kiosk

AR companies are mostly betting on future users of AR browsers. Currently there’s very little or no AR content that AR users can browse, so the only users of AR browsers are those who try it for fun without any practical use. The situation isn’t like conventional HTML browsers where just about anyone can create and upload HTML content. We strongly believe without creating a community of AR stakeholders, who create consumer oriented content, there is very little importance for creating AR browsers.

Therefore, DuMedia is exploiting a more tangible and much mature business model that exploits the exponentially emerging Branded Entertainment (Product placement / Advertainment) industry that's already generating $25 billion from the Trillion Dollar Entertainment industry. Our current major focus is DuBrand AR Kiosks (ARK) for high footfall venues such as malls, which we believe can revolutionalize advertainment by making every common man a hero of his own film (Dreams in HD).

For technical and financial details of these products join our ARK Franchise Program or contact us.

Augmented reality Augmented reality Augmented reality

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DuAds on-the-Fly

If an ad is 30 sec, that’s what it takes to produce it - 30 sec flat.
Another revolution?

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What we do?

We provide a platform for creative advertainment using Augmented Reality technology.

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Why AR for you?

Augmented Reality can be used in almost any domain to overlay graphics on camera view in real-time.

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Why DuMedia?

Our patents are taking AR and brand entertainment to a completely new level.

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$600 Billion Industry

Projected to be worth $600 Billion, DuMedia is taking AR to the $1.8 Trillion entertainment industry.

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DuBrand Campaigns

A hot new $25 billion industry. A dream come true for brand owners, ad agencies, and above all – consumers