Web Augmented Reality

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DuMedia Web AR products delivers amazing 3D-performance for your Augmented Reality web applications. Turn your website into an interactive experience by integrating gestures and facial recognition.

The DuMedia Web AR products effortlessly turns your e-commerce solution into a virtual shopping experience. With no software installation or third party plugins required, the DuMedia Web AR products provides barrier-free integration and use of Augmented Reality technology on websites.

DuMedia Web AR products easily integrates your websit for social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Benefit from the power of word-of-mouth recommendations within the social networks of your customers and let them share their personal Augmented Reality experience with friends.

  • Virtually try on products to enhance online and onsite sales plus loss prevention
  • Augmented and Interactive print leveraging adspend and migrating to digital
  • Pupil and gestural control to create hands free magical experiences
  • Assembly and prototyping for accurate comprehension before developing tool
  • Property views to enhance market interest and swap in and out textures
  • Logistics integration
  • Market Research
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    DuAds on-the-Fly

    If an ad is 30 sec, that’s what it takes to produce it - 30 sec flat.
    Another revolution?

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    What we do?

    We provide a platform for creative advertainment using Augmented Reality technology.

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    Why AR for you?

    Augmented Reality can be used in almost any domain to overlay graphics on camera view in real-time.

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    Why DuMedia?

    Our patents are taking AR and brand entertainment to a completely new level.

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    $600 Billion Industry

    Projected to be worth $600 Billion, DuMedia is taking AR to the $1.8 Trillion entertainment industry.

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    DuBrand Campaigns

    A hot new $25 billion industry. A dream come true for brand owners, ad agencies, and above all – consumers