Why AR for you?

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"Augmented reality has opened the door to infinite possibilities."

Augmented reality is a fast growing technology and the ‘must have’ marketing tool which is helping transform the way we engage information. ABI Research has proven that the market for augmented reality will reach $350m (£218m) during 2014 - and that is just in the US alone. Augmented reality has undergone a period of fast growth and the adoption of the first wave of market-based technology is now being used productively. The technology has the ability to bring to life inanimate objects. Its abilities are limited to your imagination.

We are also using the technology to add a visual representation of our product through AR. Consumers can access richer and more immersive information via their smart devices, laptops, PCs and webcams.

With augmented reality, marketers can take the physical world and combine it with the virtual world.

Why DuMedia AR?

1) Interactive                   2) Immersive               3) Exotic                        4) Engaging            5) Inexpensive & affordable     6) Emotional connection

7) Repeat engagement     8) Geo-targeted ads     9) Driving offline sales     10) Multi platform     11) Mobile applications            12) Web applications

12) Kiosk applications    

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DuAds on-the-Fly

If an ad is 30 sec, that’s what it takes to produce it - 30 sec flat.
Another revolution?

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What we do?

We provide a platform for creative advertainment using Augmented Reality technology.

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Why AR for you?

Augmented Reality can be used in almost any domain to overlay graphics on camera view in real-time.

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Why DuMedia?

Our patents are taking AR and brand entertainment to a completely new level.

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$600 Billion Industry

Projected to be worth $600 Billion, DuMedia is taking AR to the $1.8 Trillion entertainment industry.

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DuBrand Campaigns

A hot new $25 billion industry. A dream come true for brand owners, ad agencies, and above all – consumers